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What is the holographic film made of?
All of our holographic films are polyester-based and are .002 inch thick…very thin. The raw holographic film is mounted with an adhesive backing directly to flat surfaces or other various substrates such as paperboards, vinyl, plastic, etc. All films, except for rigid substrates, are shipping on rolls with lengths of up to several hundred feet.
What size does it come in?
Standard holographic vinyl rolls are 38” wide and are sold in 50 foot and 100 foot increments. Larger widths are available on select styles.
Do I need any special lighting for holographic films?
Our films work incredibly well with all types of lighting, both natural and artificial.
How durable are the holographic films?
The films are generally intended as a one time use product for high traffic areas, such as a dance floor at a special event. The holographic films will show normal wear and tear, depending on the types of shoes and general abuse of the area. Normal wear and tear may include scuff marks, scratches, and possible dents from heels. For a sustained finished look, the product can also be laminated with an additional protective coating or mounted beneath a clear polycarbonate substrate for permanent installations.
How real do the metallic films look?
The metallic films look amazingly realistic! This is absolutely the best product on the market when it comes to creating metal textures without the use of expensive metal materials.
How easy is the installation?
The installation is extremely easy, but it does require careful “finesse” for a perfect installation. Make sure to take your time…don’t rush! A slow, precise method utilizing three people is the perfect scenario. Two people should maneuver the film into place while the third person uses a tool (such as squeegee, roller, or rag) to make sure the film goes down perfectly smooth. If the film becomes bubbled or wrinkled, simply lift up the film over the bad area and re-smooth it back down on the substrate material. Bubbles can also be removed easily by creating a pin sized whole to squeeze out any trapped air. We recommend at least one or two practice runs to get familiar with the materials you are using.
Do the temporary films stick to any surface?
The temporary holograhic films will adhere to almost any surface, but it is highly recommended that you test the substrate materials first. Coatings on materials may affect the way the adhesive reacts with a surface. 3M spray glue is a possible option for additional adherence to the surface (in permanent applications only), but make sure not to get any glue on the display side of the product. And always make sure to test a sample first. Give the 3M glue at least one day to cure, so you have an accurate sample of the final resulting product.